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breadcrumbs.jpgThe only way to commit is to commit, and that is what I’m going to try doing through this blog.  My goal is to create a space to reflect on my ongoing professional development.  To kickstart that effort, I’m beginning to blog my PD experiences with the NWP annual meeting and NCTE annual conference in NYC.  Tune in as I run around midtown trying to absorb and connect the wit and wisdom of colleagues from around the nation.

Why commit to blogging?  Partly because I need to blog regularly if I’m going to use blogging effectively with my students.  Mostly, I think the enormous learning curve that comes with striving to bring excellence to one’s teaching practice really requires some trail of breadcrumbs to follow back and examine after all the flurry of activity subsides.  So these are my breadcrumbs. 

You can see my first attempt at PD blogging here.  For what it is worth, I’ll be grateful for any comments, pitifully so for those that push my thinking.  Off to NYC!


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  1. sharon
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 23:30:22

    Help! I am in WOW and I haven’t been able to ask you some questions about how you built your animal report page. I am trying to put on the Google safe search and I cannot get it to work. Can you help me? How do I get the google logo for safe search to put on page flake? I loved your presentation but I am stuck! Can you make my life easier?


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