Some Very Cool Numbers

Today I learned some facts about the National Writing Project that I want to share and remember.

98% of the Teacher Consultants (people who complete a Summer Institute experience at a NWP site) stay their full careers in education.  70% remain in the classroom.

In the past 13 years, 65,000 programs have been offered nationwide by the National Writing Project, teachers teaching teachers, for about 1.2 million hours of valuable learning programs!

Those programs were attended by a whopping 1 million teachers, and that million connected to about 130 million students during this time frame.  Imagine being a part of a network with such profound ability to reach out and positively impact the lives of colleagues and kids?

I’ve always had a hard time articulating to folks who are not (yet!) part of the National Writing Project why I commit so much time and energy to it.  Hearing these numbers today will, I hope, help me explain my motivations better.  I became a teacher to help change and better the world.  I do that in my classroom, and NWP helps me extend that mission and influence teaching and learning globally.


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  1. Lmelville
    Nov 16, 2007 @ 21:29:26

    Sounds like you are really learning a lot. I looked to see if I have that book, it is not here at work, maybe at home….Talk to you Monday.



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