Tech Integration with Floyd

I’ve been in a training series with Floyd Braid from i3 Educational Training.  He does some really useful work with teachers, helping them to envision ways to integrate technology to create more effective learning opportunities for students. 

He’s not a talking head who decries the use of pencils and sets any web2.0 app as the better course.  This has been a huge relief for me personally, since I struggle with how to most effectively use tech in my instruction.

We kicked off learning about TrackStar, a tool that lets you build web-based activities.  I could actually set up a series of sites with my annotations and questions for students.  Floyd called it a “trail of breadcrumbs.” To do a more webquest kind of deal, he pointed us toward Filamentality, a site that will take you by the hand to pull a webquest together.

Webquests tend to be longish–maybe of use during the research unit?–but the shorter stuff I could use or adapt from other teachers’ work on TrackStar could be useful for quick access to knowledge.  I think I could use a blog or nicenet or kidspiration for students to respond to or collect information on the web.

We then turned, by the group’s request, to blogging.  Floyd showed us some examples of student blogs and classroom blogs.  I like the idea of having a blog for various assignments, sending students to a site–video, audio, or text–and then having them construct responses or pull in information using the comments section of the blog to start up some dialogue.  Just thinking as I go–this is a live blog, which means we’re moving right along and I’m trying to think and type and think about all the stuff that’s going on.

I’ve done a lot of tech training in the last two years.  So much so that I don’t learn a lot of new tools at this point.  The piece I’m really yearning for is context.  I know the tools, I get their basic uses, but how do I translate that to the most promising pedagogies for my students?  Floyd has been trying to bridge that gap during this training, and I’m starting to get it.


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  1. Gwen
    Mar 05, 2008 @ 19:14:41

    Floyd did an excellent job at GISD this year. I missed a day of the training, but I am hoping he has some training sessions for the summer.


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