Summer Goals

photo by cool librarian at flickrNeedless to say, my first goal is to rededicate myself to blogging my teaching life/learning. So that I have something to blog about, I’ve got a few other goals to attach to this:

Goal 2: Finish Choice Words by Peter Johnston–I’m hoping it’ll be easier to read away from the daily mistakes I make talking with/to kids…

Goal 3: Read Notebook Know-How by Aimee Buckner. I’ve made some reasonable steps over the past year in Writers Workshop, but I’m still not satisfied with the support I’m giving my students with organizing and effectively using their notebooks.  I’m also planning to read Cracking Open Authors Craft by Lester Laminack–I’m hoping this will get me working more on reading-writing connections.

Goal 4: Read at least 10 new(ish) children’s novels/chapter books to brush up on what the latest and greatest work is out in the world.  I’m through the first 2 Rick Riordan books from his Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, so I’m off and running here!

Goal 5:  Big plans to make progress on a reading/writing matrix I’m drafting as a resource for myself and the other 5th grade teachers in my district.

Goal 6:  Really commit to setting up a wiki for my social studies curriculum.  In my imagination, I can set up a framework and have students build the knowledge from there…in my imagination where I have all the access and opportunity. 

Given that summer vacation works out to be about 6-7 weeks, I think I’ve got an ambitious list and had better quit while I’m (barely) ahead.  I also have personal goals, which hopefully involve me reading at the beach, child-free, for hours on end. 


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