Wikification of my Social Studies Curriculum

Progress is slow on the social studies wiki.  It has occurred to me that this is because I’m not working with a focus.  My class next year will have a significant number of students with learning disabilities, focus issues, and rather low reading skills.  So as I’m working on this wiki, I’m thinking about how I can bring in essential knowledge in ways that are accessible, but leave room for students to reach out and explore beyond the required curriculum.  I want to leave room for students to add and grow the wiki.  I don’t know if I want to incorporate any assignment-y questions or directives…

Part of me wishes I were the sort to think things through, but as I write I know what will happen;  I will just blunder on, making mistakes until I hit on the framework/s that feel right.  I’m already realizing that different units of study will look differently on the wiki–some strictly reading material, others prompts for research.  Onward, ever onward…


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