Summer Goals Update Part 2

I’m reading the third and final professional book on my summer list.  Well, I actually have picked up a few more, but Choice Words by Peter Johnston is the last I committed to finish by summer’s end.  I wrote a bit about Peter Johnston after attending a panel last fall at the NWP/NCTE convention in NYC.  The subtitle of the book is “How Our Language Affects Children’s Learning”, and that is something I knew I needed to reflect pretty seriously on in my teaching practice.

This book is excellent, and I’ll have to reread parts of it, because I’m ready to be more effective in how I use language to promote learning.  My fear in reading this book, after hearing the author speak, was that I would languish in shame over years of poorly-worded interactions with students.  Thankfully, I found (and I think most teachers would also find) that I use a lot of this language in my daily teaching.  What I need to do is be more conscious, deliberate, and strategic in my use of language that empowers my learners.  To help me remember bits of Johnston’s ideas on language, I’m making these little charts–

Don’t ask me where I’m going to put the little charts, because I haven’t figured that out quite yet.  And the charts won’t mean much if I don’t reread parts of the book and actually make myself reflect on my language use during the daily insanity of classroom life, not just from my quiet, child-free domicile.  And I have to finish the last two chapters and about 3 more little charts.


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