Getting Savvy


Author:  Ingrid Law

Here’s a bit I liked:

“For the very first time since I was old enough to know what it meant to have a savvy, since the day that I’d begun to dream of what my own talent might come to be, I wished that I was more like Poppa and had no savvy at all.  No savvy to cause me heartbreak.  No savvy to make me hope, and leave me useless.”  (p. 153-154)

Mib is turning thirteen, and in her family, this is a big deal, because that is when each person gets his or her “savvy”.  A savvy is a special superpower, unique to the individual, and Mib has been waiting for hers.  But things start to go haywire for Mib when her father gets in an accident and the family gets separated.  Mib’s savvy comes online and she is convinced she can save her father with her power–she just has to get to him first.  Her journey begins, secrets come to light, and personal growth ensues.

What I love about Savvy is that it is the kind of fantasy story in which the world functions quite normally but for one fantastic element.  Law does a solid job of marrying the amazing savvy powers of Mib’s family with the workings of the real world, and I think the best fantasy feels real like that.  And I really liked Mib, how she was just as tangled up in her sibling spats and friendship problems as she was in figuring out her savvy.

For writers workshop:  This book is beautifully written, with many fine examples of writers craft.  I can see using the quote I started this post with to examine effective strategies and purposes for repetition.

For readers workshop:  This story is SO going to be a book club selection in my classroom.  Lots to discuss in terms of character relationships and development and the whole idea of having a savvy.  The reading level comes in around 6.0-ish, which will be at the higher end of what I currently have available for book clubs, which makes it a great addition to my book club selections list.


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