Evil Fairies FTW

“‘Hairy, hairy, crossed the fairies, how does your bonnet grow?‘ the fairy cackled. ‘With dandruff, lice, it’s all very nice, and…oh!‘” (p. 206)

13 Treasures

Author:  Michelle Harrison

One of my voracious readers loaned me her copy of this book.  There was a definite YOUHAVETOREADTHIS vibe about her, and after a couple of promptings, I finally sat down to 13 Treasures.  I’ll be honest–the cover has a “Do you believe in fairies?” blurb and I was not up for a saccharine fantasy of a girl and her fairy friends.  Thankfully, Harrison delivers a story in which the fairies are far from friendly, and a girl named Tanya, who has the “second sight”, gets entangled in problems that seem to set her against fairies time and again.  What I really enjoyed about this story is how Harrison uses many of the trope-ish elements of fae-related story, from the use of iron and silver to not leaving any of your hair or blood laying around for a fairy to get its nefarious hands on.  This is the kind of novel that will help educate young fantasy readers about the genre, with plenty of character conflict and action.  Coming in at a 5.4ish level, I plan to purchase a copy at an upcoming school book fair to add to my classroom library.  This book can definitely be read as a stand-alone novel, but the author has a sequel out called 13 Curses that follows the storyline of  Red, one of 13 Treasures supporting characters.


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