Tag! You’re It–Poetry Style.

You know how sometimes you are just link-chasing?  Maybe you start at one blog, that references another blog, that has a list of links, and so on, and so on…and then you find something really cool?  Okay, so most of the time I’m just chasing my internet tail, but last week, I actually did find something cool–Poetry Tag Time, edited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong.  Here’s the set-up:  one poet starts with a poem, then tags another poet.  The second poet takes inspiration from the first poet’s work, and writes their own poem, then tags a third poet, who takes inspiration from the second poet’s work, and so it goes until…well, forever or until you stop, I suppose.

This only comes as an e-book, which I downloaded and found totally delightful.  Each tagged poet not only contributes, but writes a blurb kind of explaining what it was that inspired them from the previous poem.  How fun is that?  Poem by poem, I could just tell that these authors were having fun, and I’m keen to try something like this in my classroom–hey, it’s poetry month, after all!


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