Bad Kitty and New Teaching Assignments

A couple of weeks ago, I was informed that I would be moving from 5th grade to teaching a 3rd/4th split class next year.  This is my second split (the first was a 4/5) and my first time teaching third grade.  With change comes challenge and opportunity and…a new direction in my reading life!  I’ve been weeding through my classroom library, pulling higher level titles and crying a little about it, but now it is time to fill that void with great books for younger readers.  So I’ve been cruising the blogosphere, chatting with kids and colleagues, and even perusing the shelves of my local bookstore.  And here is my inaugeral “third grade” read to kick off a summer of early middle grade reading!

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Author:  Nick Bruel

This is my first Bad Kitty book, though there are several.  It was a fun blend of writing and illustration, written like a humorous “how-to” informational text.  Kitty really doesn’t like to get a bath.  Really.  I was imagining reading some parts to a class, thinking about how they’d crack up, and by the end of the book I knew I’d be purchasing the series for my classroom library.

Looking through a second time, I could see a lot of potential for writers workshop focus lessons, too.  Use of text features like labels and a glossary, lots of different text types, rich punctuation…and I just know kids will be all over these books.  Good times ahead with Bad Kitty!


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