Ivy + Bean = Cunning Cuties Creating Chaos

Ivy + Bean

Author:  Annie Barrows

A bit I loved:

“Nancy dropped Bean’s arm and lifted one eyebrow, which was something she had just learned how to do and did all the time. ‘What’s that supposed to be?’ she asked in a snippy, grown-up way, looking at Ivy’s wand.  Ivy shook the wand in Nancy’s face. ‘This is your doom,’ she said in a deep voice.” (p. 96)

The quest to get well acquainted with thirdish grade literature is ON…but I’m a little behind on the blogging, what with trying to figure out how to teach two grades at once next year.  Here is my attempt to get back to blork (blog + work)!  Ivy + Bean was a good read for a few reasons.  First, I liked the characters.  Bean is kind of a hellion, and Ivy turns out to have a pretty mischievous streak of her own.  While they aren’t interested in friendship at first, circumstances throw them together and they find out they are (in my opinion) destined for BFF-hood.  Second, I love the wacky stuff these two get up to, including digging up worms that end up…somewhere funny.  Third, I like the simple style Barrows brings to the narrative in general, but especially how she captures the characters with a few just-right words rather than lots of exposition.  When you add the illustrations by Sophie Blackall, you end up with a real treat.

Ivy + Bean is the first in a series and I plan to have at least one copy of each on my classroom library shelf.  I predict this series will be super popular with the girls, and I may even convince a few boys to try it out.


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